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Wednesday, July 05, 2023

The 1% Decides How the 99% Will Live

 I can’t believe we progressives will ever attain our goals for a just and equitable society as long as the people making policy decisions are wealthy people who have never had to deal with the problems facing the non-wealthy. What interest do they have in Social Security when they’ll never need it? What interest do they have in providing health care when they can always afford it? What interest do they have in the minimum wage when they’ve never had to live on it? They don’t care about us.

Friday, August 22, 2014

We are the 99%

We are the 99%.
The beat down, the hopeless, the pointless, the useless.
Robbed of the dream, denied success.
The poor, the disenfranchised, society's mules.
Robotically working, mindlessly living.
Lacking vision, denied salvation by the gods.
Reduced to pretense;
“Let’s pretend we can still be anything we want to be”
“Let’s pretend our lives are following a divine plan”
“Let’s pretend hope, and love, and opportunity exist”
Unable and unwilling to face reality.
Displeased with what is, hoping to achieve what will never again be.
We are the 99%.
The disillusioned, the angry, the impotent.
We buy homes we can’t afford.
We carry guns we know we’ll never use.
We rage online, in words.
Yet we meekly go about our lives.
Our misery makes us weak.
The future is dark and mysterious.
We buy our lottery tickets, we drink our cheap whiskey.

We die still dreaming of being among the 1%.